Our services

Products are our own production. We produce on order and deliver in 3 working days depending on the quantity. sent once we receive the payment. Dimensions and watts are produced on request. We can do the same if you send a picture with a caliper with a certain diameter and height. The picture is getting better so that there are no problems with old models and new models

Quality control

In order for you to reach the right products, we shed light on your preferences with the right resistance materials. ...

Data Tracking

By hosting your orders in our database, we facilitate your next orders...

Dimensions and Values

Measurements and values ​​are very important in resistor production. The right size, the right product...

Digital Control

Thanks to our digital control systems, we reduce the smallest errors that may occur in the resistances we produce to zero...

High quality

All the materials we use in the resistances we manufacture are A quality products.

Technical Staff

Our resistance productions are produced by our professional technical personnel.